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UPPAbaby Mesa Car Seat Review

mesa car seat

The UPPAbaby mesa car seat is loaded with top-notch features that make it one of our favorites. It has a great recline foot that adjusts smoothly and is easy to use, quality LATCH connectors and lockoff for vehicle seat belt installations, a no rethread harness that lets you find the safest fit with the pull of a strap, built-in lock-offs that help with baseless installs, and a hideaway canopy. In our crash tests, the UPPAbaby MESA performed well and provided superior protection to your child than most of the seats we tested, with lower G-force levels than required by Federal safety standards.

Complete Protection and Style: Exploring the Benefits of Full Set Car Seat Covers

The MESA’s reclining foot extends to multiple positions and is easily adjusted with a grey button on the top of the base, allowing you to find a good fit in most vehicles. It has a level indicator on the side of the base to indicate when the MESA is at the correct recline angle. The MESA’s buckle storage pockets are small pockets sewn into the side of the seat fabric that tuck the harness buckles in so they don’t get in your way when loading or unloading the car seat.

The MESA can be used without its base, which is a useful feature for those who frequently hop in and out of taxis and want to avoid having to bring the base with them. The MESA also has a European routing system that allows you to thread a vehicle seat belt through the carrier’s shell, which is helpful for those who travel by plane or train a lot and don’t always have access to their own car seats.

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Discover Innovative Marketing with NewTopia

Discover Innovative Marketing with NewTopia

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We’re four months out from the launch of Newtopia Now, Denver’s newest CPG extravaganza and the logical next step to Natural Products Expo West. New Hope Network Marketing Director Hannah Price joins Jessica Rubino to drop some deets about the event, which offers a more boutique experience and thoughtful activations across four neighborhoods: thrive, glow, regenerate and represent.