Tombstones in Charleston SC – Is This Tradition Continuing?

Tombstones in Charleston are a thing of the past, at least not any more thanks to what a recent law sees as an attempt to commercialize tombstones by third-party advertisers. Under the new law a funeral home can not be owned by anyone other than the person who is expected to be laid there using the tombstone. So a family in Charleston may choose to have a direct family member headstone rather than a paid for tombstone, but this is not always possible.

Burial Monuments and Headstone Makers in Walterboro, SC

Tombstones in Charleston have been a part of local tradition for centuries. The stones have been laid and have been put into different tombs throughout the town’s history. It was during the colonial period when these tombstones became popular and they began to be recognized as a tradition and even came to carry their own legends with them. From stories of people being buried with stones to how the stones were picked over for quality before being placed into the tomb, tombstones in Charleston have a long history.

Now a simple thing has been changed in the town’s honor. Instead of having the tombstones located in the ground, they now will be placed within a marker stone that is built to look like a tombstone. The reason for the change was an attempt to cash in on the tourism appeal that the town had been enjoying in the past. The town was known for its many tourism attractions including a stately overlook known as the Pleasant Hill overlooks, as well as being home to the university that the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is named after. With the law against advertising tombstones in Charleston sc it was just a wise business move for the town to begin placing its own tombstones on its own property. Not only does this honor the memory of those who have passed away, but also it increases tourism for the entire city.

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