Lacorsa Dellas Peranza Marketing Sponsored Linx – What Your Affiliates Must Do to Ensure Your Violations Are Not Caught

Sponsored Linx – What Your Affiliates Must Do to Ensure Your Violations Are Not Caught


Sponsored LinX is a Chinese-owned online stock trading company based in Australia. The business was started by Simon Slade and David Tong in 2021 with the mission of using internet marketing to empower small businesses around the globe. The company is known for its low cost Linx scheme that allows members to promote and sell all of their stock through the net. Take a look In this article I am going to highlight the responsibilities of each member of Sponsored LinX and how they will be held responsible if they make a mistake and agree to pay for their own liability.

Sponsored Linx – What Your Affiliates Must Do to Ensure Your Violations Are Not Caught

The first responsibility that each member of Sponsored LinX is responsible for is to ensure they disclose all facts related to their business and their personal accounts, including their current and previous addresses, telephone numbers, emails and any other relevant information relating to their business and personal accounts. If the advertiser agrees that they can display the Sponsoredlinx website address on their personal pages then this must be done in full and not just a blurb. Failure to ensure that this information is correctly displayed may lead to the advertiser having their account deleted and the advertiser being held liable for any monetary losses incurred as a result of this breach of Sponsoredlinx’s terms and conditions. The advertiser also has an agreement with Linx, whereby they will only be charged a per month fee, this fee cannot exceed twenty-five dollars a month and must be paid by direct debit or credit card.

The second responsibility of each member of Sponsored Linx is to ensure that they inform Sponsored Linx if they become aware of an inaccurate transaction, or any other breach of Sponsored Linx’s terms and conditions. For example, if a user registers for a sponsored link on their Linx account and the link is subsequently clicked by someone else and the advertiser does not respond within 14 days, or makes insufficient contact to let them know of the situation, this is considered a transaction violation and the user will incur penalty money without notice period. In addition to this, if a user finds that their email has been sent to an address that they don’t recognise, or that the email was sent from a spam address, then they must notify Sponsored Linx by writing to them either by email or by using the contact us link that is displayed at the end of each Sponsored Linx page. The amount of notice period depends on the nature of the breach, which will often be written on the email sent to the members main page and any other notices which are displayed in the footer of the web page. Failure to comply with these responsibilities may cause the advertiser to lose their sponsorship and could result in their account being deleted without warning.

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