Lacorsa Dellas Peranza Blog Globird Energy Offers Competitive Electricity Plans With Solar Feed-In Tariffs in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA

Globird Energy Offers Competitive Electricity Plans With Solar Feed-In Tariffs in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA

Globird energy nsw  offers electricity plans with competitive solar feed-in tariffs (FIT) for households in NSW, VIC, QLD and SA. Click the State links below to see what’s available in your area.

An independent energy provider that launched in 2014, Globird offers budget friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses across Australia. The Melbourne based retailer prides itself on delivering cost effective energy and good customer service.

Customers who choose GloBird can pay their bills online, through BPAY or by phone. They can also choose to have their electricity and gas invoiced monthly rather than quarterly. For those looking for an even easier way to manage their energy payments, GloBird offers a direct debit option.

Eco-Friendly Power: Exploring the Benefits of Globird Energy in NSW

For those interested in a dual fuel plan, GloBird offers the ComboElec product which allows customers to save on their electricity usage and supply charges when they bundle both gas and electricity on time and by direct debit. GloBird also has a variable rate plan called Boost, which claims to be best suited to medium energy consumption homes thanks to its lower usage rates.

Lastly, the retailer also offers a green alternative with their GloGreen product, which offsets 100% of the carbon emissions associated with the customer’s electricity consumption. This is a great initiative given the current climate and climate change discussion happening in Australia.

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